Squat Wedge Block
Squat Wedge Block
Squat Wedge Block
Squat Wedge Block
Squat Wedge Block
Squat Wedge Block

Squat Wedge Block


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SVRG. Squat Wedge Block

- Material: EPP Foam
- Dimensions: 9°, 9°, 18°
- Size: 31cm x 16cm

The squat wedge is a special tool in fitness designed to help a person maintain correct position and technique when performing squats or other leg exercises. It is a triangle made of foam or padding that is placed under the heel when doing squats.

The main purpose of the squat wedge is to get the heels slightly higher than the toes, which can help increase ankle mobility and allow for a more upright body position when performing the squat. By raising the heels during the squat, the squat wedge can help individuals who have limited ankle mobility to maintain correct body position.

By maintaining the correct position, the squat wedge can help reduce the risk of injury during squat exercises. This is especially useful for those who may have mobility or balance problems.

Apart from squats, the squat wedge can also be used in other exercises that involve leg or lower body movements such as lunges, step-ups, or split squats.

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