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Our journey together.

The Republic of Svarga is a leading sporting goods distributor company founded in 2018 in Surabaya, Indonesia. We started this business by seeing the need for quality home gym equipment and workout equipment at affordable prices. Since our founding, we have always focused on a pleasant customer sports experience and are constantly on the move to exceed customer expectations in terms of innovation, service and value.

With a catalog collection that includes more than 1,000 products, ranging from clothing and workout equipment, yoga, running, to accessories, we are ready to meet your sports and healthy lifestyle needs. We are also growing in terms of retail stores with availability in several cities in Indonesia.

Our goal is to inspire and bring awareness to Svargans that exercise should be fun and not a pain - regardless of body weight & posture. Sports time is me-time or fun time spent with friends and loved ones.

We are all about spending quality time with ourselves, knowing ourselves, listening to ourselves and having fun with ourselves, loving ourselves and then to others too.

We are excited to accompany you on your journey, because good things come to those who work hard!

We believe that a sustainable healthy lifestyle can only be achieved if you enjoy it!

our vision is to become a leading brand in Indonesia that not only provides quality equipment, but also can provide support to athletes in Indonesia.

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Svargan's review

Ekata Limited Edition - Darbotz
"Insane is really good. The mat is so prettyyy!!”

Indonesian Singer

Ekata Series - Plain Edition
"It's a real favourite, because there's a center line, so it's easier to center."

Indonesian Singer

Ekata Series - Limited Edition

“So cool!!! Really like it, thick and sticky,

Thank you Svarga.”

Celebrity Yoga Instructors

Ekata Series - Limited Edition
"I love it, the grip is really really good..."

Indonesian Celebrities
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