Optimalkan Pemulihan dan Performa Otot dengan Therapy Ball oleh The Republic of SVARGA

Optimize Muscle Recovery and Performance with the Therapy Ball by The Republic of SVARGA

Who said healing had to be boring? With the therapy ball by The Republic of SVARGA, Svargans can experience extraordinary benefits in increasing range of motion, relieving pain and fatigue after exercise, and improving Svargans' muscle performance.

So, what is this therapy ball for? Svargans can use this therapy ball for a relaxing deep tissue massage, releasing myofascial tension, warming up before exciting workouts, providing a refreshing cool post-workout sensation, applying healing acupressure, and providing therapy to trigger points that require special attention. .

How to use it is simple. Simply sit or lie down on this therapy ball, then use Svargans' body weight to apply pressure to tight muscles. With specific pressure and movement, Svargans can push this therapy ball to target deep trouble spots and at the same time stimulate Svargans' muscles to relax more.

The Therapy Ball by The Republic of SVARGA is made of high quality TPE Silicone, providing comfort when used. In the package, Svargans will receive 1 Silicone Peanut Ball with a size of 12cm x 6.2cm x 6.2cm and 1 Silicone Round Ball with a diameter of 6.2cm.

With a therapy ball, Svargans can keep Svargans' body fit, free from muscle tension, and ready to face all challenges. So, don't hesitate to try Therapy Ball by The Republic of SVARGA and feel the benefits.