Meningkatkan Kebugaran dan Membentuk Tubuh yang Ideal dengan Power Rack!

Improve Your Fitness and Build Your Ideal Body with Power Rack!

Svargans who are trying to build muscle and explore their strength potential, Mimin has a tool recommendation that will definitely make Svargans' workouts even better. Yep, that's SVRG. Power Rack, a sophisticated tool that is ready to present a training experience that is second to none.

This power rack has various advantages that make Svargans stunned. First, its weight capacity reaches 365 kg, so Svargans can bulldoze tough workouts without hesitation. The spacious walk-in space also makes Svargans' movements more free, not disturbing narrow spaces anymore!

Not only that, the power rack is equipped with cool features such as J-Hooks, Dip Bars, Weight Plate Holders, and Landmine all in. So, Svargans can be as varied as you wish. Starting from back exercises, shoulders, to arms (biceps and triceps), Svargans can do everything with this power rack.

The construction is no joke, Svargans. A sturdy and tough 5x5 cm square steel frame makes this power rack durable and long lasting. There are also two long chrome locks on the safety bars, as well as a 58 cm long chrome double safety bar that keeps Svargans safe while training.

Svargans can also adjust the height of the power rack according to your needs. There are 12 height levels that can be adjusted with a safety bar or an Olympic dumbbell bar. Duh, there's no excuse for not maximizing training, right?

Not only that, Svargans. The pulley system with cables coated with quality heavy duty nylon makes Svargans' movements smoother and smoother. The 5x5 cm chrome guide rails are also very easy to use. Really a tool that makes Svargans' movements even better!

And what makes it comfortable is the Adjustable Leg Hold Down. Svargans can move the Leg Hold-down along the safety bar according to the most comfortable position for Svargans. Svargans can also adjust the height by sliding the long safety bar up or down. Very versatile, right?

How are you, Svargans? This power rack doesn't play games in presenting its greatness. With the specification of a sturdy iron material and a cool black color, this power rack will be the center of attention in the Svargans gym or practice room. It weighs about 77 kg and the package consists of 3 boxes with package dimensions of 205 cm x 37 cm x 38 cm (L x W x H).

So, what are you waiting for, Svargans? Get SVRG. Power Rack and see for yourself the quality and superiority.