Membentuk Tubuh yang Kuat dan Fleksibel dengan Gymnastic Ring

Build a Strong and Flexible Body with Gymnastic Ring

Who says building upper body muscles has to be boring? With the gymnastic ring, Svargans can get strong biceps, back, chest, shoulders and abs effectively in a fun way! Svargans can do a variety of cool exercises, from ring rows, pullups, ring pushups, ring dips, muscle ups, bicep curls, L-sit, leg raises, and many more. But remember, all of these exercises require good arm strength!

Come on, take a peek at the specifications:

  • Ring Material: High quality ABS or durable Wood.
  • Ring Outer Diameter: 23.4cm, perfect fit for your grip.
  • Ring Inner Diameter: 17.8cm, make your movement stable.
  • Ring Thickness: 2.8cm, make your hand comfortable when holding.
  • Band Material: Tough polyester, durable against any workout.
  • Strap Length: 450cm, giving Svargans the flexibility to adjust the height you want.
  • Strap Width: 2.5cm, provides maximum strength and security when used.

Open the box, Svargans will find:

  • 2x ABS gymnastic rings which are sturdy and stylish.
  • 2x Super strong nylon webbing straps with quick lock buckles.
  • 2x Ring Tape, let your grip more steady!

With the gymnastic ring, Svargans can feel the sensation of an exciting and exciting workout. Exercise with the gymnastic ring will strengthen the muscles of the upper body as a whole, improve Svargans' flexibility, balance and body coordination. Don't be surprised if Svargans' posture gets better!

So what are you waiting for? Get the gymnastic ring now and start a fun and effective upper body training adventure. Make every Svargans workout more enjoyable and enjoy visible results on a Svargans body. Come on, join the gymnastic ring community and achieve optimal fitness!