Manfaat Gym Ball Untuk Ibu Hamil

Benefits of Gym Ball for Pregnant Women

Physical exercise using the Gym Ball will be beneficial for reducing back pain and pelvic pain in pregnant women, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.
The use of a gym ball just before delivery can reduce
labor pain and contraction pain. In addition to training with the Gym Ball
can help move the baby into the optimal position for an easier vaginal delivery.

A study in 2015 managed to reveal the benefits of gym ball for pregnant women such as:
1. May Reduce Back Pain
How to use a gym ball for pregnant women should be under close supervision by experts, or at least you can learn it first because it cannot be used carelessly, especially when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, the back area of ​​the body, especially the back, pelvis, and abdomen, will usually experience erratic pain or aches. According to some people who have experience using it, the benefits of a gym ball for pregnant women can reduce the pain and aches it causes.

2. Can Be Used As A Comfortable Seat
Pregnant women do need extra comfort, for example sleeping with lots of pillows, flat shoes that save Mother's days instead of stilettos, to seats that are comfortable and able to form limbs like when sitting on a gym ball. Yes, that's right, the benefits of a gym ball for pregnant women can be used as a seat that is super comfortable and remains safe because it is anti-slip.

3. Give Space for Babies
The next benefit of the gym ball for pregnant women is:
when sitting on it in an upright position, it will push
the opening of the mother's pelvic muscles so that it will provide room for movement for the baby who has not yet descended to the correct position even though the due date is approaching. How to use a gym ball for pregnant women with the right exercises can also provide the right benefits too.

4. Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Feelings of confusion, discouragement, full of stress, to anxiety indeed
often approach pregnant women who have different psychological and emotional conditions. How to use a gym ball for pregnant women with certain exercises can relieve this stress and anxiety.
In addition, the benefits of a gym ball for pregnant women can also make you more confident when giving birth later.

5. Suggested Pleasant Childbirth

Childbirth is a painful process, whatever form of delivery is chosen, almost all mothers agree because of this. However, a number of studies have revealed that pregnant women who give birth and regularly do exercises using a gym ball for pregnant women for 30 minutes every day tend to have less pain after the birth process. Not only that, the anxiety that appears gradually improves and disappears.

There are several physical exercises that pregnant women can do with a gym ball, namely:
1. Bouncing Exercise
This tool can help strengthen the legs and balance abilities of pregnant women. Approaching labor, this exercise is useful for providing back pressure.

2. Pelvic Tilt Exercise
Place the ball against the wall and sit with your back touching the ball. This is a good way to strengthen the lower back and uterus.

3. Hula Hoop Exercise

Sit firmly on top gym ball with hands resting on hips. Make large circular motions with your hips, as dancers do hula hoops . This exercise is great for your pelvic floor and thighs.

4. Lift the Ball

This is a great exercise to tone your arms and stretch your spine a bit.

So, here are some types and sizes of gym ball variants that can be used by pregnant women:

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