Maksimalkan Gerakan Yoga dengan SVARGA Yoga Block!

Maximize Yoga Movements with SVARGA Yoga Blocks!

Come on, get to know Yoga Block from SVARGA! If Svargans likes Yoga, you must be familiar with this tool. For Svargans who are still beginners in Yoga, Yoga Block can be a loyal friend. This tool is very helpful in stabilizing and directing the body's posture so that it is correct when doing yoga movements.

Not only for beginners, Yoga Block can also be used by Yoga experts. With Yoga Block, even yoga movements that were previously difficult can be easier and more comfortable to do. Especially for movements that involve a standing position with your hands or feet clamped on the Yoga Block, you know.

The size of the Yoga Block from SVARGA is not too big, with dimensions of 23cm x 15cm x 7cm and weighing 215gr, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.

The material from this Yoga Block is made of high quality EVA, so it is safe and comfortable to wear for a long time. Yoga Block from SVARGA also comes in several color choices, such as Pink-Blue, Purple-Gray, Green-Brown, and Black.

So, Svargans can choose the color that Svargans likes the most and matches Svargans' style. In a Yoga Block package from SVARGA, Svargans will get one Yoga Block. With this tool, Svargans can enjoy Yoga to the fullest and feel the benefits of Yoga more intensely. Don't hesitate anymore to try Yoga Block from SVARGA and achieve maximum Yoga results!