Kuat dan Seru dengan SVARGA Toning Ball

Strong and Fun with SVARGA Toning Ball

Exercise is no longer just limited to lifting barbells or pull-ups at the gym. Now, SVRG. The Toning Ball is here as a new alternative to training Svargans' strength, balance and muscle coordination.

Made of soft and durable PVC material, this toning ball is also anti-burst, so Svargans don't have to worry about the ball popping up when Svargans is training hard. With various weight options, starting from 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, Svargans can choose according to their needs for Svargans training.

Not only that, SVRG. The Toning Ball is also designed with a seamless and ergonomic construction that can stimulate different muscle groups in Svargans' body. The natural sand in it creates instability when Svargans uses the ball, so Svargans' muscles are constantly active to stabilize Svargans' movements.

This Toning Ball is also compact and easy to carry anywhere, so Svargans can practice anywhere, even when Svargans is on the move. Just put it in your bag or take it straight to the office for a short break and stretch your muscles.

Come on, don't let the Svargans muscles slack off! Battling Svargans' training with SVRG. Toning Ball and make Svargans' muscles hard like wood! Don't forget to follow Instagram @therepublicofsvarga for product updates and the latest promos.