Exercise Dice Cara Baru Meningkatkan Kesehatan dengan Tidak Monoton

Exercise Dice A New Way to Improve Health without Being Monotonous

Who said exercise had to be boring? With SVRG. Exercise Dice, Svargans can exercise in a super fun and exciting way! This 12-sided foam dice is perfect for Svargans who are bored with the same routine workouts. Just roll the dice and do the movements and repetitions according to the information listed, voila! Svargans has introduced new variations and challenges to the sport.

SVRG. An Exercise Dice also makes a perfect gift for a Svargans significant other who wants to exercise in a fun way. Svargans can give these exercise dices and invite them to start exercising together.

SVRG. Exercise Dice comes in 5 options that can be used by everyone, namely Sweat Machine for cardio, Pain In the Abs for abs workout, Shoulder To Cry On for upper body workout, Break A Leg for legs workout, and Rock N'Roll Band for workout variation with resistance bands. Every purchase of SVRG. Exercise Dice includes a workout guide that will help Svargans perform the movements contained in each dice.

With a product dimension of 13 cm and made of PU, SVRG. Exercise Dice is very light and easy to carry anywhere. Available in gray for Sweat Machine, tosca for Shoulder to Cry On, lime green for Pain In the Abs, pink for Break A Leg, and soft purple for Rock n' roll bands.

So what are you waiting for? Sports just got more fun with SVRG. Exercise Dice!