Cara Mudah Membersihkan Yoga Mat

Easy Ways to Clean Yoga Mat

Yoga exercise is great for fitness and body flexibility. And yoga is a sport that requires a mat to perform every movement. The mat is used as a base so that the body does not hit the floor so that it feels more comfortable when exercising.

Of course the sweat that is produced in one yoga exercise session is also a lot. This condition makes the mattress an easy place for bacteria to infest. Bacteria from sweat and activities on the mat can be a source of bacteria growth.

So, the cleanliness of the mattress is no less important, you know, Svargans. Svarga there is an easy way to clean the mattress:

1. Clean the mattress by wiping it with a soft cloth
already moistened with water and svarga yoga spray to clean bacteria
Avoid washing using the washing machine, Svargans.

2. After washing the mattress, don't forget to make it dry in a way
hung in the shade, which was blown a lot by the wind. Keep away from light
direct sun so as not to damage the mattress.

3. When the mat is dry and ready to be used again, don't forget to spray it
svarga yoga spray with your favorite scent variant to improve your mood while exercising.

How? It's easy, right? Don't forget to clean your mats, Svargans!