Atasi Otot Tegang Menggunakan Foam Roller

Overcome Tense Muscles Using a Foam Roller

Come on, who has tense or sore muscles after sports? Then confused how to get the muscles back relaxed?

Svarga Foam Roller is the solution!
How come? Because Svarga Foam Roller is made from comfortable Eco-friendly EVA foam material which can help recover your sore and stiff muscles after high-intensity sports.

Foam massage roller is very easy to use, you know. Simply place the roller on the floor/mat/other base then you can roll the sore or tense muscle on the roller until you find a soft part of the muscle and continue to press the soft part (trigger point) for 30-60 seconds.

The benefits of using the Svarga Foam Roller include helping to increase body flexibility, relieve muscle pain, and speed up muscle recovery after exercise. In addition, using a foam roller can also help reduce stress and improve sleep quality, you know!

Well, Svarga has 2 types of foam rollers and several different colors

For this one, the name of the type is Svarga Smooth Foam Roller

For this type, Svarga Spiky Foam Roller

The color variations are cute, right? Oh yes, Svarga Foam Roller is available in 3 sizes, namely 30cm, 60cm and 90cm.

Guaranteed, your muscles that were sore and tense will auto relax!